Our current world climate has deemed another traumatic experience to live through. COVID-19. The pandemic that has turned the world upside down and in complete disarray Economically, Socially, Environmentally and Politically. (Though no riots or civil unrest as yet but I've still got my fingers crossed)

Australia's Right Wing Political Leaders acting like Socialists with free childcare and financial aid (Still, a long way to go though, Boys!) American Adult Baby Billionaire Presidents acting like, well full diapered adult babies. Stock Markets plummeting and spiking, entire countries spiraling out of control- All the while forgetting to mention the main reason for this pandemic. The very real, very sobering reality that ultimately we are expendable to this virus.

The transparency of our mortality has shocked us to the core, it's woken us up, finding many of us doing complete 180's (NOT looking at the toilet-paper-panic-buyers.) People within their communities have taken it upon themselves to help others where ever and however they can, setting up DIY programs to drop off groceries to the elderly or vulnerable, businesses have converted their workrooms to make medical aids or clothing for our front line healthcare workers. People and businesses alike have dug deep into their ethics, thinking long and hard about how they can do their part to help against this global pandemic. 

Small businesses, especially. We have been transparent and open about hardship, about the changes that need to be done within our industries, and how we can be more mindful of where our money goes in these trying times.

In saying that, we wanted to take the floor and open up about our processes at Pigsuit and the part we are playing as a micro business to do better within our community and industry. Pigsuit is a Made-To-Order Label which means all orders are created specifically for you, by doing this we are combating the fast-fashion industry and that means cutting out bulk orders or mass items of stock on hand.

In doing so, We begin the process of your order the minute you purchase it. This can sometimes take up to 3 weeks (but we are always figuring out best turn around times with our made to order garments and will keep you up to date with ETA's as soon as we know).

This is a guilt free way of contributing to something we love, like fashion without the heavy conscience of aiding one of industries biggest pollutants. That being said- Stay safe, stay inside and support small business!


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